Against the Current

Photo by Justin Higuchi, licensed under cc-by-2.0 Again, posting here because my social media accounts are dedicated to fighting this ongoing tire-fire of an administration. »


My Twitter usage has changed for me recently. Not only is it more politicized and charged, but I'm not using it to complain about frivolous things »

Google Sheets

I'm spending my morning getting caught up on budgeting, and it's really nice! One of the things I've put off doing is to set-up a utilities »


It's an order-Lou's-for-myself, listen-to-the-National, head-down-and-write-code kind of night. Not feeling super great about myself. But at least it feels familiar. I know how to cope when »


I think a lot of people think I'm sad today. Which is probably partly true. If you don't know me very well, you'd be right to »