Midterm Reflection

Midterm update -- I nailed it. ^_^ But let's back up a bit. Last week's post is still accurate; while my anxiety did die down a bit »

Anxiety is fun ._.

Today I took my midterm for CSC 489 - Theory of Computation. I don't think it went well; it reminded me a lot of when I »

Rules of Thumb

I'm getting sloppy. I left class early today because I need to prep the material more. I need to prep the material more because I missed »

Ghost 0.11.1

I did it! We're finally on the latest version of Ghost and I couldn't be more excited about the release notes. "This will be the final »

Ghost 0.9.0

Getting closer to the latest! I ran into some problems with npm install (needed sudo...) and not having enough memory to run migrations (I learned how »