Destiny Weapons

I recently got back into Destiny 2 and now that I hit the power level cap pre-raid, I’m trying to get on top of the legendaries that I constantly grind out and place in my vault. Gotta keep up on space! Datto has a good overview of weapon perks, and I think I’ve found a good loadout that works for me in PvP.

I’m still absorbing weapon perk info, but I’m pretty decent at knowing what feels good for myself. So below are the weapons I enjoy using. The following screenshots come from

Last Perdition

This is my favorite pulse rifle, hands down. It has good range (especially with the masterwork) and I’m able to take down enemies from across the map, save for running into set-up snipers. At first I wasn’t wild about Full Auto Trigger System, but it’s starting to grow on me since I don’t need to worry about manually keeping my DPS up. It also does void damage which is nice if I’m running with Nezarec’s Sin.


Because I’m running a pulse rifle in my energy slot, this shotgun is my go-to pairing for PvP. It has a range masterwork so mostly gets the job done. I’m still not that great at using PvP (except as a counter), so not sure what weapon mod to put on this.

Bad Omens

This rocket launcher has been great as a stand-in for Truth (until I get it) and also helps with Gambit kills when invading b/c of the blast radius. It’s also good in PvE for hitting lots of adds (like grinding out the rocket kills for the Truth quest, haha), but I bet I could use a better direct-damage rocket launcher. I might have one somewhere, but for now this one has surfaced to the top of my heavy slot.

I think that’s about it for my thoughts! Wanted to get these in, try blogging again, and add some more images for fun. Catch ya around!