Separating Ideas From Actionables

I use Todoist for all of my task management, and for that it works wonderfully. However when it comes to tracking ideas — or even things I just think I should do — Todoist is lost. It’s the same problem with email — items collect dust because I don’t want to act on them but I also don’t want to write them off or forget about them.

For example, I made an item for a new tattoo. But there are no actionables for it right now. Actionables might include eventually saving money? Coming up with ideas for a design? It’s like I need a placeholder for it because I want to break it down further and categorize it, but right now I can’t.

Part of me wants to build some custom view to handle all of these use cases. The other part of me just realizes I just started to figure out how Filters work and finally made one to separate work tasks from other things I might want to do. So I’m probably getting ahead of myself with wanting to use the Todoist API. This is the same brain that sometimes wants to build custom budgeting software instead of just using Excel!

Filters have a lot of strength because the tasks can be prioritized differently based on what I need to do. So something like a “Chores” list would just list all my chores and then I’d do them when I have time and energy. Something like a software project might just have a priority order and then I’d pick which one to do next.

We’ll see what I can do to better leverage the software I have. I still want to develop better ways to develop ideas, build out habits, and plan out larger projects that have several components that need to be done over larger swaths of time.