Happy New Year

Growing up, New Year’s Eve used to be an annual tradition of code updates to my blog. I don’t have the same drive that I did back then, but I did get a chance to update my list. Below are the fifty resolutions I want to tackle in 2022:

  1. Rock climb more
  2. Workout regularly to lose weight
  3. Learn Cantonese
  4. Learn drums
  5. Play more double bass
  6. Write more
  7. Learn SketchUp
  8. Fantasy football site
  9. Get new glasses
  10. Publish a video game
  11. Learn Godot
  12. Learn Blender
  13. Learn Procreate
  14. Practice guitar
  15. Learn mandolin
  16. TI4 rules app
  17. Fix record player
  18. Königsberg for a single language
  19. Catalog books
  20. frame and hang the posters
  21. Raspberry Pi project
  22. Become a home inspector 
  23. Finish movies on scratch poster
  24. catalog board games
  25. Finish CS masters degree
  26. Get a Real ID + renew passport
  27. Teach Iggy ASL
  28. Practice tarot regularly
  29. Re-learn piano
  30. Play mahjong regularly
  31. Get really good at Excel
  32. Revitalize your blog
  33. Create a budget!
  34. learn a fighting game on a fight stick with decent netcode
  35. information radiators for the office
  36. Bike more (ebikes or your own)
  37. Author a children’s book
  38. Get good at using the sewing machine
  39. Get good at solving math contest problems
  40. Write a D&D campaign 
  41. Arduino project to monitor plant soil humidity levels
  42. Grace Lee Boggs learning project
  43. Start a software co-op
  44. Start cooking again
  45. Write sheet music regularly
  46. Eat healthier
  47. Set up Hubitat
  48. Learn how to make chiptune music
  49. Contribute to civic open-source software
  50. learn data viz (https://flowingdata.com/, https://www.kaggle.com/, etc)

It spans from simple to ambitious and everything in-between. We’ll see what sticks!